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      ProductName:ZC-360-X10 Automatic high speed cartoner
      Company:Nantong HanDi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd
      Addtime:2015/7/18 9:07:16
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      The product description

      This cartoning machine is mainly applied in food,pharmaceuticals, soft bag,soap and cosmetics area.
      When the suction cups under the control of photo-electricity switch detect that the products are ready,the carton-suction rod begins to suck carton,meanwhile carton-pull rod begins to pull the carton,and then the carton-folding rod unfold the carton,finally the carton is successfully put on the carton guide rail. The carton –suction device has a protection function -- if there’s no product entering, the carton suction cup will not suck.
      The soap pusher unit boasts the protection function of “Do not push when there is product but without cartons”.
      The products which enter cartons will undergo tucking, folding, coding, glue spraying and closing with the cooperation of worktop closing unit. The cartons filled with products will be tightened by the discharge conveyor and then transfer to the case packing platform.
      This machine adopts world famous control elements with touch screen in both Chinese and English. This user-friendly machine can be widely used in packaging. It can be used separately or together with other upriver and downriver machines.

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